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August 2023
The Textile Recycling Association has become aware of proposals announced to introduce a ban on imports of used clothing into Uganda, whilst we will continue to advocate the free trade of good quality used clothing which employs tens of millions of people around the world and is 70 times better for the environment than buying new clothing, this ban will have very little direct impact on the UK used clothing industry. In 2021 the UK only accounted for 0.14% of all imports of used clothing into Uganda. More than half of Uganda’s used clothing by value came from China (33.6%) and India (24.3%) in that year according to the Observatory of Economic Complexity

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Who are we?

We are the UK’s trade association for collectors, sorters, processors and exporters of used clothing and textiles.

The main objectives of this Association are:

  • to represent the interests of its members internationally, nationally and locally.
  • to be a major force in creating a favourable climate within which merchants can operate to advantage.
  • to strengthen the economic opportunities for all our members by promoting all forms of textile recycling and the second hand clothing/shoe recycling industry.
  • to highlight the major environmental, social and economic benefits that the industry brings both here in the UK and in other parts of the world.
  • to promote best practice in the industry.

Our members are collectors, graders and processors of used clothing, textiles and shoes and they operate throughout the United Kingdom. We welcome enquiries from anyone in the UK or abroad who may wish to join the association. To find out more about what we do click here. Further details regarding membership can be found here.

What happens to clothing collected for re-use and recycling?

To find out what happens to clothing and textiles that have been collected from charity shops, textiles banks and door to door collections click here.

TRA Code of Practice

The Textile Recycling Association Code of Practice is compulsory for all our members to uphold and it sets out the professional standards that we expect from our members.  To view the Code of Practice click here.

Consultation Services

The Textile Recycling Association can now offer you a range of consultation services. This includes short sessions charged at an hourly rate through to be being project partners in an research and development project.

We are in a position to offer unique insights into how the global clothing and textile re-use & recycling industry actually works, what potential opportunities there are and what issues need to be addressed.

Click here for further information.

Charity shop specifications

Charity Shop Grade Specifications – if you work in a charity shop and you want to ensure that your charity shop gets a competitive price for its used clothing read more about the charity shop grade specifications by clicking here.

Training Courses

For information about training courses provided exclusively for members of the Textile Recycling Association click here.


To view a list of TRA publications click here.