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If you need to report a crime or suspect fraudulent collectors, please furnish us with as many details as possible.


There are around 10,000 charity shops in the UK and most of them accept donations of good quality re-usable clothing and other textile items.

Most clothing banks are able to take a wide variety of clean used textiles even if the operator stipulates a preference for used clothing (no pillows or duvets though please). You can find out the location of your nearest bank and other textile collection services that operate in your area by contacting your local authority recycling section.

The Recycle Now recycling locator can also be a useful tool to find out where to recycling clothing and other items.

Find a recycling facility

Please note we do not and have never operated any clothing and textile collection banks. If you want to report any that need emptying, you should report it to the bank operator whose contact details should be on the bank.

Supermarkets should report servicing issues to their head office who have put their own provisions in place.

If the bank in question is situated in any local authority run public area then the local authority should be notified.

Please note that we do not collect or process any clothing or textiles ourselves. We are the UK trade association for the used clothing and textile recycling industry and not a business.

If you are a householder looking to arrange a collection of a small amount of clothing you may wish to contact members of the association. These are businesses that actually collect/process textiles.

Member list

Alternatively you may wish to contact your local authority to see what textile collection services they have in your area.

If you have uniform /corporate wear/ event promotional clothing or similar clothing that you are looking to recycle please use our form.

Uniform & corporate wear recycling

For carpet recycling enquiries please contact Carpet Recycling UK

Carpet Recycling UK website

The Textile Recycling Association and the National Bed Federation have just launched a joint venture and established the Register for Approved Mattress Recyclers (RAMR). The register is due to be publicly launched in 2020. If you are from a business that is engaged in mattress recycling and you are based in the UK, Isle of Man, Channel Islands or the Republic of Ireland it will be in your interest to join this register.

If you are looking for a reliable and reputable mattress recycling business, those that are already on the approved register should be able to help you.

Register for Approved Mattress Recyclers website

If you want to make a complaint against an individual member of the association or against the association itself, we have a complaints procedure which explains how you can make your complaint, how your complaint will be handled and also circumstances where we may decide not to pursue a complaint.

Complaints procedure