Textile Recycling Association Welcomes Launch of IOF/FRSB Revised Code Of Practice For House To House Collections

It is with great delight that the Textile Recycling Association-(TRA) welcomes the launching of the revised House to House Collections Code of Fundraising Practice, April 2011.

The Textile Recycling Association will actively encourage all its members that operate door to door collections to sign up to the revised code, and it is a credit to the TRA that they have worked closely, effectively, and conscientiously with the Fund Raising Standards Board –(FRSB) and the Institute of Fund Raising – (IOF) at all times.

Gerald Cemmell, President of the TRA applauds the launch and says:

“The TRA with about 60 businesses and charity members engaged in used clothing and charitable collections, has established an excellent working relationship with the Fund Raising Standards Board and the Institute of Fund Raising, which is not only helping to raise the standards which are expected of each of our members, but it also helps to ensure the profile of bona fide collectors is recognized and accepted, thereby distinguishing them from bogus collectors.”

Alan Wheeler the TRA’s National Liaison Manager says:

“I am delighted that this revised Code of Practice has finally come to fruition, and more importantly it has been fully endorsed by the key stakeholders associated with it. It is vital that the general public on whom we rely, can now be assured that door to door collectors that sign up to the code are bona fide, well run, and can raise substantial sums, which in turn benefit all legitimate charities that run such collections.”

Phil Geller, Vice Chair Recyclatex says:

“This is a great example of charities, fundraising agencies, and textile recyclers all working together. The new code is an important step forward in raising standards in charity house to house collections, and we warmly welcome it”

The TRA is committed in every way to improving all aspects of the used clothing and textile collection industry, so that awareness of the benefits and the ongoing work that it does for good causes in the UK and the rest of the world, is appreciated and recognized by all with whom they come into contact.

Elimination of bogus collectors, working with the police so that identification and prosecution of those gangs that dishonestly obtain goods will be a continuous process and the TRA is totally committed in this respect, and will endeavor to help and assist wherever, and whenever they are required to do so.

This revised code will help legitimate charitable door to door collections to demonstrate that they work to a high professional standard to which all collectors should aspire to, and it should instill confidence in the public who want to ensure that their donations will financially benefit reputable charities, whilst at the same time ensure that used clothing is diverted away from the waste stream.

To view the code of practice for Charitable Door to Door Collection and guidance on the relative merits of the different types of collection click here

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National Liaison Manager – Textile Recycling Association

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