Preamble to Charities Uses Act 1601

The Preamble to the Charitable Uses Act 1601

The following purposes have been found to be analogous to the purposes set out in the Preamble:

  • The provision of public works and services;
  • The provision of public amenities:
  • The protection of life and property;
  • The preservation of public order;
  • The defence of the realm;
  • The promotion of the sound development and administration of the law;
  • The social relief, resettlement and rehabilitation of persons under a disability and deprivation;
  • The promotion of certain patriotic purposes;
  • The promotion of health and the relief of sick, ill and disabled people;
  • The care, upbringing and establishment in life of children and young people;
  • The training and retraining of and finding work opportunities for unemployed people.

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