Rules of Association of the Textile Recycling Association

Objective of the TRA

To support, promote, represent or oppose legislative or other measures affecting the interest of trading members in the used textiles industry, and generally to promote and protect the interests of such members.

Admission Criteria for Members

  1. 1. Any registered company, charity or association, with a direct association with the used textiles industry. Membership can be any one of the following, a full breakdown of membership benefits and restrictions can be found in the Membership Criteria section of the TRA Website:
    1. Full Member
    2. Corporate Member (A company who does not deal with textiles directly but supplies to the industry)
    3. Associate Member (A Charity, Local Authority or Association. These members will be a non- voting member)
    4. Entrant Member (These members are non-voting members. Entrant Members can only be an Entrant member for a maximum 2 years before full membership must be obtained).

    The Executive Committee reserve the right to introduce additional categories of membership should it seem necessary.

  2. All applicants and existing members will be required to uphold the following requirements:
    1. All members have traded legally for a period of no less than 3 years and will have remained solvent during that period (with the exception of Entrant Members where 1 year is required).
    2. ii) Holders of a valid waste carriers licence for a period of no less than 1 year, if their business operations involve the transportation of waste as part of their business activities. If they are collecting wastes from another organisation, members must hold an upper tier waste carrier’s licence (England, Wales and Northern Ireland) or a full waste carrier’s licence in Scotland.
    3. Hold an Environmental Permit (or have been registered as exempt from Environmental Permitting) for a period of no less than 1 year, for the storage or processing of waste in any manner as part of their business activity, and is subject to waste management licence regulations
    4. Provide evidence of their written Health and Safety policy if they employ five or more people.
    5. Provide evidence of an up to date and valid Fire Risk Assessment.
    6. Hold compulsory Employers Liability Insurance.
    7. Hold Public Liability Insurance.
    8. Have a Modern Day Slavery Policy, and comply with all relevant legislation
  3. Applicants for membership must pay an application fee (see membership rates on website) and provide all documentation requested on the application form for consideration, on confirmation of documents acceptance they will be subject to an Audit by the Executive Committee or other body (audit fees may apply) to be able to demonstrate that they undertake their business in a manner which is acceptable and compliant with The TRA Code of Conduct and Code of Practice which have been approved by the Executive Committee.
  4. After the initial application is processed it will be considered at the following meeting of the Executive Committee. The Committee will assess whether the applicant meets all the necessary requirements for admission to the association. All applicants will be advised of Executive Committee’s decision in writing.
  5. If an application for membership is not approved by the Executive Committee, the applicant has the right to appeal in writing within four weeks of receiving the decision. If an appeal is made, the matter will be considered by an appeals sub-committee within no more than three months. The appeals sub-committee’s decision will be final. The applicant making the appeal will be advised of the sub-committee’s decision, in writing within four weeks of the decision being made.
  6. Yearly subscription are due by all members. Rates are available annually on the TRA website. Annual subscriptions are set as of the 1st April each year and valid for a period of 12 months. Subscriptions for new members will be calculated based on the date of acceptance into the TRA. For the avoidance of doubt new members accepted before the 1st October, will have the subscriptions pro rata calculated until the 31st March when the next year’s subscription will be due, new members admitted after the 1st October, will be charged the pro rata to the 31st March plus the next full year’s subscription. New members must pay subscriptions in full within 14 days of acceptance into the TRA.