Code of Conduct for TRA Executive Committee Members

Role of the TRA executive committee member

To develop strategies, policies, plans and procedures to enable the secretariat to deliver the key aims and objectives of the association.

To support the secretariat, president and Exec with the management of the association and undertaking projects to help enhance the profile and position of the TRA in the industry.

To be a ‘Director’ of Textiles Recycling Association Ltd, the company which is responsible for the finances and employees of the TRA.

Conduct of executive committee members will be to:

  • Maintain best practice and adhere to the TRA rules, policies and guidelines.
  • Undertake the role as an Executive Committee member with a view to promoting high professional standards and integrity within the industry.
  • Adhere to the rules of the Textile Recycling Association when undertaking our duties.
  • Act fairly and without prejudice at all times when carrying out general duties for the TRA.
  • Consider carefully how our own decisions may affect the membership of the Textile Recycling Association and other key stakeholders engaged in the used clothing industry.
  • Encourage open governorship of the Textile Recycling Association and endeavour to do so through the Annual Report, the AGM, minutes of meeting and the website which will contain up to date information about the Executive Committee, its members, meeting dates and information about how members of the Executive Committee are appointed.
  • Ensure all Executive Committee members are judged to have equal status and their main concern should be the welfare of the Textile Recycling Association as a whole.  The one exception to this is that where a vote takes place within a meeting which ends in a dead heat, the President of the Textile Recycling Association can exercise the final casting vote.

Commitment of an executive member

  • To attend all Executive Committee meetings where it is reasonably practical to do so and appreciate that if we attend less than 70% of scheduled meetings in any twelve month period then we may be required to resign our position in the Committee.
  • We will involve ourselves actively in the work of the Executive Committee and accept our appointed share of responsibilities including service on any sub-committees or working groups that are established by the Executive Committee.
  • Be responsible for the development of the association and will be expected to contribute to any working projects or affairs of the TRA.

Relationship of members

  • To operate as a team in which constructive working relationships are actively promoted.
  • To develop effective working relationships with the secretariat of the Textile Recycling Association and any other relevant agencies.
  • Members will maintain complete confidentiality on matters discussed by the Executive Committee.  Where discussion with the wider membership of the Textile Recycling Association, Executive Committee members are required to use appropriate discretion and if in doubt they should refer the matter to the CEO or President.
  • Where decisions reached at Executive Committee meetings are normally made public through minutes or otherwise, the discussions on which the decisions are based will be regarded as confidential.
  • Members will exercise extreme caution when potentially contentious issues are raised outside of the Executive Committee.
  • Members will express their views openly within meetings but accept collective responsibility for all decisions.  If members do not personally agree with a decision made by the Executive Committee they will not disclose this to anyone outside the Executive Committee.  If appropriate they can refer any enquiries regarding such decisions to other members of the Executive Committee including the President.
  • In responding to criticism or complaints relating to the Textile Recycling Association, they will exercise extreme caution and not risk prejudice by disclosing any personal views but simply refer the complainant to the CEO or President.
  • Will have a responsibility to maintain and develop the ethos and reputation of the Textile Recycling Association and will accept that our actions and professional conduct will reflect this.


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